A Great Day, Gone Bad

May 2, 2011
By Rachel Keown BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
Rachel Keown BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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The grin on my face beautifully reflected the golden rays above.
“Today, I’m Thirteen.” I thought out loud. Nothing could bring me down, I was untouchable. Streching and crawling out of bed snapped me right back down to earth, into reality. All of my friends were away on vacation. I was home alone. After my birthday party last week, I hadn’t heard a peep from any one of them. This summer was quickly spiralling downward, with no intent on stopping. I walked slowly down the stairs, in no hurry to greet and empty kitchen. The first thing I hear: Katie. Her furry black tail thumping, her bright pink tounge hanging out of her mouth as she pants, dripping drool everywhere. She was my favorite girl, and seeing her instantly brightened my mood.

My mother would be at work until 4:00, as would my step father. Amy was probably anywhere but here, for which I was grateful. I looked at the clock.
“11:30” I said to Katie “Looks like it’s just you and me for the day.”

For the next few hours, I just wasted my time away. Doing nothing productive, just sitting on the couch enjoying the quiet. By the time everyone got home, I had fallen asleep. I heard my mom first.
“Happy Birthday, Sweetie!” she said.
“Thanks, Mom.” I replied.

By 7:00, we had finished dinner and the family was there for cake and ice cream. I opened the present from my sister first. When the time came to open the present from my parents, I had already accumulated $100, lotion, a candle and gummy bears. I had gotten my hopes up a lot. I wanted a laptop, or a new ipod. I opened it.
“Cool.” I said aloud with no real enthusiasm. I was beyond dissapointed. I never even carried a purse, and I wasn’t about to start. Thanks mom. For ruining my birthday. I greatly appriciate it. I now know, not to aim so high and get my hopes up. Most people WILL let you down in the end.

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