May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

We were just walking around Downing-town one day, it was Timmy, Jackie, Wayne, Christian, Tyrese, Jordan, Julian, and me. We were just talking and playing around. When we started wrestling Christian pushed Timmy a little too hard. Timmy ran and said he was going home. We kind of shrugged it off. About 15 minutes later Melvin walked up to us and asked us if we knew Timmy was talking to some 40 year old bald guy smoking a cigarette. We all stopped and looked at him. He gave us a serious look.

I looked over at his sister and she ran down the road where Melvin came from, I started questioning Melvin why he left him by himself and to describe what the man looks like. He said I left him to come get you to get him. I looked away and seen Jackie coming back over the hill… Shdidnt’t have Timmy. She gave me a look of confused, scared, angry, and sad all at once. I basically read her mind and Jackie, Wayne, Tyrese, and I ran for the house. It was a couple blocks away so we ran quickly. Wdidnt’t know how much time we had left.
Christian, Melvin, Jordan, Julian ran to the spot where Melvin seen Timmy talking to the man… Neither of them was there. I started to cry I thought we were too late. I felt like it was the end of the world, it was the most horrible feelingg. Tyrese glanced over at me, he seen me crying so he stopped and grabbed me and hugged me. I felt a tear come one my shoulder… he was crying to. We were hugging for what felt like forever but he looked at me and said everything is going to be okay, I promise. I felt like when he said that, that everything was really going to be okay, it was a wonderful feelingg.

He asked me if I wanted to go and look for him some more. I smiled at him and we went to find Wayne and Jackie. We walked the rest of the way to his house. We got to the house, and took a big breath, I was scared to tell his mom that while we were watching him he got kidnapped. I felt my eyes water again. We went inside and sitting on the couch was Wayne, Jackie, and Timmy smiling. I knew a relieved look came over my face. I glared at Timmy, he smiled and said “I told you guys I was going home but I just made a stop on the way home.” I tried not to get angry with him. He was okay that’s all that mattered right now.

Tyrese looked at me and started laughing. He hugged me softly and whispered “I told you everything will be okay and everyone is fine.” I looked at him and smiled “Yes you did and now I really do know that it will be okay. I heard you crying (smiling at him)” His embrace pulled away, he looked up at me and an embarrassed look came over him. I winked and said “Remember everything and everyone will be okay. “ I will never let him leave my sight again. When he said he was going home he never went home. When you let a nine year old go somewhere on his own it’s not a very good idea. You will always have friends that will be there for you and when you need them that’s when they are there the most. I will never let a nine year old walk home by himself again because next time he might not be as lucky to make it home especially with kidnappers in the world these days.

The author's comments:
this is a true story and it was very scary experience

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