My Granddad

May 2, 2011
By Anonymous

I stayed home sick the day that it happened. It was a good day so far, I was in my bed and watching a movie in my room when my mom came upstairs and told me she was leaving to go somewhere but she never told me where. She also said something happened to my granddad, but she said it wasn’t serious so I didn’t worry too much. I knew my granddad was a tough guy and he could get through anything.

Then my cousin texted me and said she was going to be at my house in a little bit. I thought it was a little weird that my cousins were just coming over all of a sudden but I didn’t mind. Kelly and I were so close we were like brother and sister.

I went downstairs to unlock the door and walked back up the stairs struggling as my legs ached in pain, going step by step. I finally reached my bedroom and resumed the movie and then ten minutes later I heard the door open. It was my cousin and she came upstairs to tell me the rest of the story.

She said my granddad had a heart attack in a car with one of his employees named Barry. She said it wasn’t a very big heart attack but he’s on his way to the hospital right now. She said he would be fine, but I could tell she was still scared which made me scared.

The movie finally ended and I turned on the TV. Then I heard the door open. It was my mom because I heard her voice downstairs talking to Kelly. My mom came upstairs to talk to me. “ Did my granddad die from the heart attack…?” I thought. My heart began to pound against my chest. The door opened…

“ Hey sweetie, how are you doing?” my mom asked me.

“ Good. How’s granddad?” I asked in an uncertain way.

“ He’s at the hospital but he’s fine don’t worry about him. I’m going to go downstairs now see you later honey.”

“ Alright see you later.” I began to focus on the TV and fell to sleep.

“ Beep, beep, beep!” the sound of the door opening downstairs woke me up. I was alone in my room when I began to hear weeping and crying from my cousins. My dads whole side of the family is here now. It was about 5:30 and the crying down stairs was really loud… “ Did my mom lie to me about my granddad being okay? Will I ever be able to see my granddad again with his tough heart still pounding in his chest?” so many questions were running through my mind.

Then the door to my bedroom opened. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t even here they’re footsteps coming up the stairs.

It was my dad, my mom, my little brother Brandon, and my littlest brother Derek. They all sat down in the bed below me and my dad announced the news. My granddad was dead.

My dad began to tear up as he updated us on the latest news about my granddads death… “ When he had his heart attack in the car, Barry rushed him to the nearest hospital. When he got there the doctors did all they could do but there was no way to save him because his heart attack clogged all of his veins and he died right when it happened.”

I was in shock. I just sat in my bed and was frozen solid. I didn’t hold back crying because everyone else in my room was already crying. When everybody was done crying in my room we could still here them crying there eyes out downstairs.

My dad went downstairs and they began to stop. I don’t know how my grand mom is going to deal with this. She’s lived with him her whole life and now he’s gone.

They ended up sleeping over my house that night. My family didn’t really care because they were sleeping in the living room on the couches. I don’t think my dad would have let them sleep upstairs although we have a spare bedroom. He wanted to get some sleep because this week is going to be a long week.

Today we went to the mall to get suits and dress up shirts and dresses and everything fancy that I could think of. Going to the mall with my cousins was pretty fun. I didn’t think it would be because my cousins are a little boring but we were allowed to walk around the mall and look for stuff.

When we got home my cousins and my family played on the wii and for a second everybody was relaxed and having fun. That wasn’t going to last for long though because tomorrow was the first part of the wake.

Today was the wake and my family and my dads side of the family had to get to the funeral home early because we had to set everything up. I saw a glimpse of them rolling him into the room where we were going to hold the wake. I didn’t get to see him though because he’s in the casket.

Today’s wake went by quick because everyone that we were friends with came and stayed for at least five minutes. It was actually pretty fun. The only sad part of the day was when we left and everyone had to say goodbye to my granddad laying in the casket. One by one, we walked up to the casket and gave him a kiss on his forehead. Of course, my grand mom went last and gave him four kisses on his head. And then, we left.

I felt really bad for my grand mom. When it was time to go to bed my grand mom slept by herself on the couch. She probably felt really lonely sleeping by herself. She’s lived with my grand dad her whole life and now he was gone so suddenly, without a goodbye.

Today was the last day and everyone who was going to come to when he was going to get put away, were there. Four men carried him out to this big truck/limo and put him in the back of it. Then my dad’s side of the family got into a limo, including my family and I. Then we drove off.

It was about a ten-minute ride to the cemetery and we were the first ones there. After about two minutes everybody started to drive in and it was time to say our final goodbyes.

My grand mom's sister gave us roses and we stood outside for a while but then we walked into a room with a lot of chairs and he was there in the back of the room. My family and I sat in the front and people began to walk up and say their good byes. The people from the back went up first and then we just filled in, back middle front.

When it was my families turn to go up, I kept a pedal of the rose and put the rose on the casket and gave him a kiss good bye and we all walked away and sat back down in my seats. The last person to go was my grand mom and she put her rose on the casket, and said, “ I love you, I love you, I will always love you.”, and kissed the casket four times and then walked away.

Then the same people who brought him in took him to the hole in the wall and slid him into the hole and closed it. While they were walking him over, my grand mom was with them, and him, every step of the way. Then everybody began to leave.

I was never a very good grandson to my granddad. I never showed any love or support for him and just when we started to get close, he was gone. Now I can never tell him how sorry I was for being a horrible grandson or try to make it up to him. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you second chances, so you have to do your best in the first one you get, because it might be your last.

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