Addressing Social Justice

May 1, 2011
By tcbell BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
tcbell BRONZE, Slidell, Louisiana
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Social Justice is justice a topic I was introduced to in my junior year of high school. Since I became aware of Social Justice, it has become a very important issue in my life. A major concern of mine involving social justice is the malnutrition that is rampant in third world countries. Third world countries are categorized by being the least developed countries in the world. Poverty is a result of the lack of development in third world countries. The people in third world countries face a scarcity on goods, especially food. The people are unable to feed themselves and their children. The children suffer and die from malnutrition, which results from starvation. Malnutrition is such a huge problem in third world countries that children die everyday from the disease. Malnutrition causes the children to have boated stomachs that resemble inflated balloon. The children’s bodies are often skeletal besides their stomachs. The children may even lack hair and appear dehydrated because of the lack of nutrition. The people in the third world countries are usually not given the opportunity to better their lives and the lives of their children. Third world countries lack job opportunities and any way of advancement for its people. Americans are in many ways more privileged than the people in third world countries, therefore they should aid the less fortunate people in these countries. Americans must make it their mission to save the lives of many by supplying the third world countries with food and financial aid. I believe that aiding people in third world countries is an essential step in bringing about social justice.

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