The Friend

May 1, 2011
By , plymouth, MI
My best friend is not always in the best mood. I noticed there is something with him in the morning for example he’s usually tired and has bags under his eyes. One night I decided to surprise him and go to his house at night on his birthday. When I was told he was in his room I went up and he wasn’t there oddly, the window was open. I saw my best friend crawling in the window with a Samuel Adams beer in his hand. After we talked he said he was surprised to see me and he was fine and told me to back off or he’ll kill me. I was pretty shocked so I had to figure out what to do. Tell or keep the secret.

The truth is after investigating my best friend Billy would sneak out at night and go with older people who could buy beer. To investigate I went over to his house another night and the same thing happened. After figuring out what he did and what he does I ask myself should I tell his parents and risk my life and my friendship?

After contemplating I came to the conclusion it was fair to everyone concerned by it helped Billy get the help he needed in the long run. It helped me to realize I was doing the right thing. Also his parents would hopefully get him the help he needed.

Telling will probably not help our friendship because he may be angry at me for telling. So he wouldn’t want to be around me any more. Hopefully it will help his goodwill in the long run. It will help my goodwill by helping me realize that friendships are important but it’s best to always try to do the right thing. I put myself in Billy’s place and I wouldn’t be happy if I was told on but I want my friend to do the right thing.

It’s beneficial to Billy because he’s probably suffering in many ways. It‘s also helping the society by removing bad influence on others. His parents can give him the help he needs and support him. It’s beneficial to me because I will learn not to do volitional things.

In my conclusion I decided to tell his parents and he didn’t try to kill me. I haven’t seen him since. Last I heard he was a milliner and talked to kids about what happened and no matter who did it you have to do the right thing and should stay away from alcohol. At the end I think I made a good decision to tell his parents. I still don’t believe a fifteen year old who I knew since I was four came in a window with a beer. I miss our friendship a lot but it turned out for the better. Alcohol can tear friends apart so in my opinion I do not want this to happen to me so I will defiantly stay away from alcohol.

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