Unforgetable Mistake

April 27, 2011
By Jes103 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
Jes103 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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By: Avery P.

I wake up and seem that today will be a great day, something good will sure happen. What was I concluding, something good happening to me? I must have still been dreaming. Nothing good ever happens to me, everyday there’s always something new to add on to my pile of problems. After staying the night at my friend’s house, I wake up and contact this guy that I met at skating last week. I ask him what his plans for today were and if he wanted to hangout with me and my friend. He said he would love to hang out and said that we should go bowling with him and a few of his friends in Boyne City. I was so happy that he wanted to hangout, even though I have a boyfriend just the fact that I try not to hang out with guys because he can’t trust me and he thinks I’m going to cheat on him. So anyways I get a ride home and grab something sort of nice to wear. I had chosen to wear a blue and black dress with leggings underneath. I then get a ride back over to my friend’s house, and begin to do my make-up. I then realize for about 10 seconds that I’m trying way to hard to look good when I have a boy friend. Then the thought is gone and I get all my stuff together and get a ride to the bowling ally from a friend that can drive. My friend was supposed to go with me but she decided not to go because she had other things to do I had a bad feeling about it but I let it go. When I arrived at the bowling ally I sit there waiting for him and his other friends’ to show up I begin to think how my boyfriend would feel about all this. He would be so upset with me, but you know what I enjoy to have good time every once and a while. I plan on bowling, laughing and having a fun day. I won’t forget him or do anything stupid because I am taken. For about an hour I sit in this chair waiting. Then I start to think the worst, what if this kid stood me up? He’s probably at home right now chuckling at the fact that he would even want to mingle with me. Now I would be stuck in Boyne City all day, I would have to walk home. Then I look over and I see them approaching the door, I was relived that they had actually came. We got our bowling shoes and started to bowl. We were having a great time, ordered some pizza and a large pop that we poured into different cups. We were all laughing and everything in till Mark, one of the guys that tagged along with the guy I was meeting hands me the phone and told me it was a guy asking for me. How could someone I know get this kids phone number? Then I begin to wonder, as I place the phone to my ear, who could this be? Am I getting in some type of trouble? I say hello to find out that it was my boyfriend he was so angry with me, he didn’t like the fact of me hanging out with all guys. I told him it’s alright because one guy had a girl friend and the other guys were gay. His voice grew louder and tears begin to fill my eyes. I didn’t want for this to happen, to make the one guy who actually made me happy, so upset, and so ashamed at me. I should have known better, I should have told him where I was going before but I’m not allowed to call him in till 9 p.m. He said the two words that I knew would truly ruin my night and when they were said I felt like everything around me want to and abrupt halt. I stood there in the parking lot and begin to cry, cry like I’ve never cried before. I ruined everything with him, we were so happy together and I ruined it by making a stupid mistake. I must have not been thinking clearly because if I had of thought about the consequences then I would have made a better decision. In tears, I get a ride home from one of the kid’s father, my ex-boyfriend repetitively calls me but I couldn’t get myself to answer it because I didn’t know what to say to him. I knew I had made a mistake and I knew that there was nothing I could say or do to earn his trust back. I answered the phone the next time that he called; I said hello and I didn’t know what more to say, what more can you say to someone that I hurt? The conversation started off with disrespectful things being said to one another. I told him nothing was done and that he could trust me. I realized how much he really cared, if I were him I would be upset too. We talked about the situation and we figured out the problems and by the end of the day everything was alright. It wasn’t fully back to the same happy filled relationship we had but soon I hope he will earn my trust back.
We all must be aware of the consequences to each situation and make the right decision. When you make a decision and you know something bad could happen, think about what you’re doing. Sometimes we make mistakes, some are more serious then others, but everyone makes them and we all must realize that no one is perfect.

The author's comments:
This is a piece of work that I created for a school assimnet that I had to do. This is a real story about something that happend to me.

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