The Sound of Silence

April 24, 2011
By Maniron BRONZE, Athens, Other
Maniron BRONZE, Athens, Other
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I am sitting in my couch with my new headset listening to music. What am I listening really brings back memories. It's a song. A certain old melodic song. I wasn't aware of the existence of this song until a week ago. It was then that I went to watch a play in the theater called carpe diem. I went to watch that play cause a fried of mine was starring and I had promised her to go. So in the play it was that scene that the girl that she was playing committed suicide because her mother didn't let her to become an actress. In the scene after that all their classmates were leaving roses in her desk in school and mourning for her. That time exactly the song was playing. It was the "sound of silence" by Simon and Garfunkel. I was really moved in that scene and really sad. The whole play was acting really good and it looked like it was true.I hadn't realized how this whole situation affected me until 5 days later i heard this song again. When I did, I was really sad. And why was I sad? I wasn't sad because i thought that my friend has committed suicide but I was sad because I was afraid of losing my friend. Then I realized that this song brings me all the memories I had with that girl. We have only hung out for a little time but I consider her a one of my best friends and I wouldn't like to lose her in any way. And I am sitting in my couch wearing my headset thinking: how a play in the theater, or a song can affect a person? How powerful is art? How much we need art? How much art make us realize things? How....

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Well this may seems as someone silly boy that is easily affected and moved by silly reasons but it isn't only that. Please spare a minute to read this

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