April 18, 2011
By , portsmouth, NH
Last May I was put on probation for doing bad things and fighting with my family at home. Probation wasn’t fun at first; I thought it was like lockdown. I had a curfew and got drug tested, I wasn’t happy about that. I thought I would be on probation for a long time, but I wasn’t. I was on probation for about 4 or 5 months. Over that period of time I still did the old things I did before probation. I knew it wasn’t right to do, but I did it anyway because it was fun and I couldn’t just give up doing all of that stuff.

I stopped for a little while though, when I first got on because I thought I would get caught. But when Tara never checked up on me or anything, I realized I wouldn’t get caught. I started drinking and smoking again and never followed my curfew. I was eligible to get off probation because I was doing well, so I had a court date to see if I was ready to get off. The court date arrived and we went to Portsmouth district court. My mom and I waited until Tara (my probation officer) and my attorney got there.

When everyone got there we went into the court room. The judge walked in with her black robe and we all stood up, and then sat down and court began. The judge asked me if I was doing well in school and if I had got into any trouble lately. I said, “Yes, I’ve got a couple detentions, but that’s it”. All she said was, “Okay”. My probation officer told the judge that I shouldn’t get off probation. She said I wasn’t reaching my full potential and doing as well as I should be so then the judge ordered me another month on probation.

I was pissed when I found out I was going to be on probation for another month. I just wanted to get off it, already! After all that court stuff happened I wanted to try my hardest to get off probation. I tried harder in school and tried not to get in trouble as much (I still didn’t follow my curfew or anything though).

A month passed and it was finally time for court again. I was nervous, And anxious. We got to the court house and went in the court room. The judge came in; we all stood up and then sat down to begin court. My probation officer said I was doing well and the judge agreed. Finally the judge said I was off probation, the words I was waiting to hear. I was so excited and happy.

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