first kiss

April 18, 2011
By tasiaaa BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
tasiaaa BRONZE, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Sitting quietly on the bench, snuggling into his arms, I had the most amazing moment of my life. It had only been three weeks. That was only it took. We both knew it was real, it was meant to last. It had been a beautiful summer day: warm breeze, singing birds and the smell of barbeque. His hand ran up and down my arm, sending chills through my body. Being with him was perfect; everything about the moment was amazing. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. I snuggled closer, making sure there was no space between us. In what felt like a minute but was really an hour we were still sitting there. All these thoughts running through my mind: “What do I do?”, “Does he want me to kiss him?”, and “Is he my boyfriend or just a friend?” I moved my face up closer to his; he looked at me, this time nervously. I quickly moved back. He tensed up in the slightest. I moved closer again. This time I would make my move. He turned his head a bit, just enough. I pressed my lips against his. His soft, pink lips tasted delicious. My head was spinning and I could barely breathe. I pulled away a little but he pulled me back. Obviously I gave in. I can honestly say that there were sparks; it was like nothing I have ever felt before. Butterflies were dancing in my tummy. I’ve never been happier than I am with him. After the kiss we went back to cuddling for a few hours. The butterflies still dancing till this very day.

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