Life Changing Love.

April 25, 2011
By MoniWoah BRONZE, Mendota, Illinois
MoniWoah BRONZE, Mendota, Illinois
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Smile, even if it's the last thing you got.

I look at him with beauty I've never seen before. I hold his hand, flash my half white smile, and hope with the same response in return. All I want at this point is him. The want to be in his arms, the desire for his lips on mine, and The forever presence of him inside me.

He wasn't the guy I was particularly in search for. His constant gab, not the brightest,, and his lack of being conscious of his actions. You would look at him and wonder what is so special about him. Underneath all of his flaws, I saw something else. His desire to do his best, his sense of humor that never goes dry, and the love he just wants to offer.

I was able to see him as the person he really was. With that little bit, it changed my perspective on everyone. You can't be reliant on what others say about one person. The more you rely on others to make your decisions, the less you decide for yourself. Judge a person by themselves and the life they have lived.

I'm happy to be with Joe, my life changing love.

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