One Last Father's Day

April 25, 2011
By hufflepuff17 BRONZE, Lockport, New York
hufflepuff17 BRONZE, Lockport, New York
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The sunlight found its way into my room by peeking through the slits in my blinds. The light lit up the room revealing sky blue walls with clouds painted all around, it made one feel as if you were flying with Peter Pan to Neverland. That is how I wanted to feel ever since my dad got sick; no worries and for everything to remain the way it was. The bright light fell across my face causing me to stir and wake up. It was already warm and I could hear the birds and the cicadas buzzing on this Father’s Day morning. I crawled out of bed yanked off my pjs and put on a pair of bright yellow overalls and a yellow t-shirt, quickly combed my hair and scampered down the hall to my sister’s room. She was fumbling around getting dressed as well. I helped her brush her hair and we both tumbled down the stairs. There were presents to be opened. As little kids we got excited whenever there were presents even if they weren’t our own; besides Dad would let us open them up for him anyways. He was already sitting on the couch drinking coffee looking out the sliding glass door at the field behind our houses.

“Moring my sweeties.” He said opening up his arms to hive us a big bear hug.

“Happy Father’s Day, daddy!” we both chimed. His pale ghost like face broke into a smile and you would have never known he had cancer.

“You girls want breakfast?” my mom asked from the kitchen. She looked tired, dark circles had taken hold under her eyes and her smile was forced.

“No! Presents first!” we chanted. My dad laughed, took a bite took of his peanut butter bagel and said

“All right which one first?” I brought him my gift and helped him unwrap it.

“I love it.” He said looking down at the little baby deer garden statue I picked out. My sister helped unwrap the next gift, a stone gargoyle. He smiled. We got him a new gargoyle every year to put in his garden.

“These are perfect, you girls want to help me find a place in the garden for them later?” he said, as he held his arms out for another hug. Click. My mom snapped a picture of us, I could see little tears welling up in her eyes.

The author's comments:
We had to chose a picture that meant something for us and write a story about it. I chose one of my dad sister and I on Father's Day.

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