The Field Trip

April 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Me and Janet were having a nice convorsation about who knows what, while Ashlynne listened to her ipod. I'll admit it up front, the convorsation probably wasn't the best one of my short time, but who's counting? It was sort of awkward actually, it kept fizzling down then one of us would try and bring up a new topic. And she kept looking at me in this wierd way as if I should save her from whatever goes on up there, in her mind. But that is beyond the point, I just wanted to talk to someone who wouldn't scream about a boy every 5 minues. So while we were talking in her room, in stomps Ariel going on about how terrible boys are and why she hates them. She gives off enough negativity to make a person on ADD medication sad. Then, not even 2 minutes later she leaves. I'm mad at her for being so pessimistic so I go through her stuff and hang her undergarments around the room. Now this gave me and Janet something to talk about.

The author's comments:
It really happened over a field trip.

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