Peaceful anger

April 22, 2011
By NotButchCoolidge GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
NotButchCoolidge GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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Your anger, people make you angry but you can only vent when others leave because of your peaceful nature. Your peaceful nature restricts you from revealing your true self in a public place, and your brain tells you that you shouldn’t act a certain way around people. With this anger inside of you and you are not able to get away to vent you are forced to voice your anger at a low volume. Unfortunately if you find yourself venting in public at a low volume you may be caught, someone asks you, “What was that?” and your dam breaks and your thoughts poor out onto the person telling them their flaws and your hatred for their actions. You think to yourself, “Why did I just do this?” but halfway through you realize you really don’t give a damn and you finish venting. The person stands there taking hit after hit and they suddenly realize the things they have done, but their idiotic nature forbids them from retaining anything that just happened, they retain nothing but a new anger, and they do not realize why they are angry. They hold this anger towards you because you are the one that brought this, they feel anger towards you because they do not understand why they are in the wrong. Now this person is filled with idiotic anger…

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