A Family Gathering

April 20, 2011
By roxygurl2920 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
roxygurl2920 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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It’s Moms birthday today. A surprise Party, of course. We have been preparing all week, right under her nose. Calling aunts and friends. Running errands, buying presents, Ordering cake, and even Tommy’s helping! (WOW) The hardest part is probably keeping the actual secret. But it’ll all be worth it.
The party started and She’s so happy, I am too (seeing as her friends are my friends parents they were required to come as well). Dinner was simple but there was a lot of it. Grilled chicken, Bbroccoli soufflé, and much more. We sat on the patio. Went swimming, Played hide and seek in the front yard and everyone was happy. Aunt Nee Nee (denise) started her jokes, the younger kids fell asleep outside in the lawn chairs. We roasted Marshmallows in the fire pit. And ate birthday cake.
When everyone but family had left we started to clean up. Aunt Nee Nee and I did dishes, she washed I dried. But soon everyone was just hanging out. Luke was asleep the girls were watching a movie and we were opening presents. Aunt dawn and Uncle Jason were talking, no whispering in worried voices. Something about lukes cough getting worse but I didn’t think anything of it. No one did. Austin and I were laughing at the chocolate milk that just came out of his nose. Tommy was texting and everyone else was just talking and laughing.
We had all heard it a wheeze so loud we all turned our heads. Luke was in his carrier and his face was as turning purple. Aunt Dawn had ran to him, and started CPR. My mom called the paramedic and he was breathing again he couldn’t open his eyes. Soon we were all in the ER waiting room with our heads in our hands, I was crying and Austin held my hand.
We waited. And for awhile no one said anything. we all avoided each other’s eyes. I only could think about how it could of happened. We heard the doors swing open, a tired looking nurse with blonde hair came out of the Operating room. She nervously told us the outcome. Look had swallowed the rubber part of his binky and it was lodged in his wind pipe. Aunt Dawn looked over at him through the window.
“Is there any way you can get it out.”
“Well we’d have to open up his throat to dislodge it.” Aunt Dawn’s eyes watered, but she looked up.
“Do what you need to just get it out.”
“Yes Miss, I’ll tell the doctor.” And she sprinted from the room.

We waited and waited, no one spoke a word. It was 2 a.m. before the nurse came out looking distraught. I looked up when Austin tapped my shoulder. She walked over to Aunt Dawn and Told her the news. She looked up and smiled. He was okay, he’d have to stay a few weeks in the hospital, but he was okay.

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