What Keeps Me Going Strong

April 17, 2011
In my life I am driven by a variety of things. The first is my parents. They always encourage me to try new things and work hard. They are very supportive and calm me down when I get nervous. I guess you could say they help keep me going strong.

My animals also help my drive in life. I know it sounds silly but my animals in general help me to stay focused and determined. They are always devoted to me no matter what, and they never hold a grudge. I love seeing their faces, and they know just where to lick when I need some cheering up!

My friends also keep me going when life gets tough. In July of 2009, I moved across Michigan. It was tough dealing with a new house, town, etc. But with the help of some of my best friends I was able to get through it. One of my friends even sent me a care package to help me feel better. She had moved to Florida when she was only 8 years old, and knew how it felt to move to a new area. I couldn't thank her enough for brightening up my day. She helped me find the positive things in my move, like meeting new friends, fixing up a new room, and getting to explore a new town.

Besides my parents, friends, and animals, I also motivate myself by thinking positive thoughts. When I’m having a bad day I try to tell myself it will be Ok, and that It'll soon be over with. I try to have confidence in my abilities and myself. In order to stay composed sometimes I take a walk with my dogs, or talk to my friends on the phone. It really helps me to stay relaxed and driven.

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