Hope Mills

April 14, 2011
By halle-allison GOLD, Fayetteville, North Carolina
halle-allison GOLD, Fayetteville, North Carolina
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This story actually starts with the ending first. You see I died Tuesday, because of this terrible accident that happened. I can’t really blame any body but myself for this cause I wasn’t where I should’ve been. Escaping from my back yard I led the pack out of my neighborhood, not sure where to head just glad to be free. Most of the time when I run away my parents expect me to be back, but little did they know this would be the last time they would seem me alive.
This all happened around 5:30 one morning when everybody in the house was getting ready to go to school or work. This is also around the time where a couple of us go outside for ten minutes or so. That’s when we decided we were going to run away and come back when we got tired. Well we made it out the fence and down the street. The neighborhood we knew well we have been living there for quiet some time no so it very easy to get around in the dark. Back at the house everyone one was getting in the car to come find us, searching the usual places we can be found. Shortly after they had given up and just hope that we would return home safely. Around 7:00 when I t was time for the elementary schools bus to come a man pulled up at the house. He had found one of us and told my mother where he’d found her and that there was one more in a different neighborhood and one of us didn’t make it. That one would be me. They came and found me in the middle of Hope mills Rd. I had just been hit by a car. I couldn’t tell you if they were on there phone while driving or just going to fast and couldn’t stop. They seemed to not care very much because they just left me lying there for my mother and a police officer to find me lying on the side of the road. They lifted my body up and put me on the back of my dad’s truck. They let me lay in the back yard where I love being until that afternoon when everybody else goes home so they could find out what happened. Olivia and Halle were the last to know. I just knew that if anything happen to me it wouldn’t be the same for any of them especially Halle. We did everything together, talked, played; we even shared a bed almost every night. Well now that everything has changed we have to move on. I will miss and love all of you guys forever and always. That where the story of me, Aruis Carrington, a beloved dog ends.

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thing we go through

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