March 25, 2011
By Anonymous

"Waking this world together through the storm" When my cousin and I are together we'er always playing or sticking up for each other.
"Not Afraid By Eminem"
In my family I am most like my cousin. My cousin is 6/6. We are both muscular and we like sports. He plays basketball and I play basketball and soccer. We also both like go-carts. My cousin builds and rides them and I like to ride them. We both like some of the same treats. He likes chocolate; I like chocolate. Our families are alike too. He has a dog and I have a dog. He has a brother and sister and I have a brother and sister. Both of us like girls and we want to get married some day. We also like to video chat with each other. Then we know what we are doing. Since we live far away from each other, we like to talk and see each other. We both think education is important. My cousin went to college and I want to go. I hope to be successful.

I chose to write about my closest relative because we are alike. I think I like him the best of all my relatives.

I wrote this because I really immure my cousin.

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