April 15, 2011
By caspertheFREAK BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
caspertheFREAK BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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"This fellow Ford is like a postage stamp. He sticks to one thing until he gets it done." This quote by Thomas Alva Edison demonstrates the determination displayed by Henry Ford, and how he never gave up on developing the gasoline automobile. However, can determination mean more than just sheer willpower? Can it be such a powerful word that it could affect another person's life? Determination is defined as "The mental habit of settling upon some line of action with a fixed purpose to adhere to it," Webster's Universal Dictionary, pg. 497. One can understand the full meaning of determination through its comparisons, relationships, and real-life examples.

First, one can appreciate the word determination through its comparisons. Determination can signify similar words such as inflexible, unwavering, and resolute. All of these words contain the same meaning that determination possesses: firm, solid, and definite. On the other hand, the opposite of these are wavering, flexible, and irresolute. They all contrast the pride of determination: weak, fickle, and cowardly. Because of the various differences of determination, one can widen their view of its meaning.

Second, exploring the relationships of determination helps one to see its many purposes. When a person is determined, then they will eventually inspire others unless they are determined as well because everybody seeks determination. People want courage, willpower, or bravery, so they have something to be proud of. They would recognize this trait automatically in another person because it cannot pass unnoticed. They want determination because they feel they can take on any challenge no matter how hard it may seem. People desire determination because it accomplishes many feats for them.

Lastly, one can better discover the importance of determination by examining real-life examples. In the past, I installed a self-drive in myself to build a computer. It took several months of researching before I could even begin the process establishing the components. I had finished the assembly of the computer, but one step remained: installing the operating system. It took me weeks to figure out how to establish the operating system, but at last I finally finished the long, hard procedure. I believe God wants us to possess determination because it is the only way to proceed in life. All in all, real-world cases further increases one's knowledge of determination.

Over the years, I have sometimes traveled to work with my dad, a construction worker, and have observed him while working. If he comes across a problem where it seems unfixable, he simply does not despair, but finds a way to fix it. Even as he works on estimates at the very end of the day for customers, he does not say "Oh, this is too hard; I have to do something else with my time." He demonstrates true determination through his hard works even though the task is hard. However, one can uncover the complete meaning of determination through its comparisons, relationships, and real-world explanations.

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