It Started Out as Five Best Friends

April 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Everyone has at least one best friend, well I had five. My friends and I have been close since kindergarten. We all grew up like we were each others’ sisters. There were no secrets between us or things we didn’t know about each other. If we ever had a problem, we knew that there was always someone there for us. Some of us like each other more than others but it changed every week or so. There were never any big fights between us, just little disagreements at times. But, I think all friends go through that. It’s the way of life and there is no way to stop it.

Middle school is a time in your life where you make a big step between being a kid to becoming teenager. A lot of things changed and I think that’s where my story begins. The first three years of middle school were the best years of our lives, but when it came time for 8th grade things turned upside down. We all do the same sports so we saw each other everyday no matter what our schedules were. In the beginning of the school year, we were all still close. We hung out every weekend and talked about everything just like we always did.

Basketball was the main sport we all loved and were dedicated to. Our basketball team has played three incredible years together and we were going on the forth. Our teamwork and abilities is what our team was based on. We come in second place and that’s basically what we were known for. It was time for a change so as the season went on we continued to try to make history. We finished our regular season being undefeated. Then the next thing we knew it was time for tournaments. It was the game before the championship; the game to decide whose faith it was to be in the championship. We played probably the worse team in the bracket. I was out with a sprained ankle and the coaches decided to keep me healthy for the championship. We didn’t want to believe it when we were down at half time. So I was put in, we won the game. After the game that is when the situation became progressively worse. Not only were my best friends mad at me, but the coach said “we can’t depend on one person to win the game for us, we need to work as a team”.

After that game things started to get weird in school. They didn’t talk to me as much or even make eye contact with me. We sat there in silence during lunch and they ignored me when I tried to talk. The rest of the school was the same; everyone still talked to me and was congratulating us on the win. But the next day things started to go kind of back to normal. We talked a little more and laughed like always. Things started to progress throughout the week. The championship game was the last time I could remember things being the same. After the game we went out to eat to celebrate making history. But my boyfriend and I broke up and I was going through some hard times. I talked to them thinking they would be there like I always was for them; I was wrong.

I found out that one of my best friends liked my boyfriend which explained why they didn’t talk to me anymore. They knew my feeling towards him and that I liked him a lot. I learned to deal with it and learn that things all happen for a reason and that this will just make me stronger. Until the day I received a message on Facebook from an anonymous person. They told me that my “so called best friends hate me and talk about me behind my back.” After I had read that I felt my face lose complete color.

I had to text them and ask them if what I had heard was true. After I sent the text I sat there in silence. When I heard my phone ring my heart completely stopped. In front of me aid a text message saying the anonymous person was telling the truth. As I spent the next few days in my room crying, my mom told me something very helpful. True friends stay true to your face and true best friends stay true behind your back. From that day I know what to look for when I walk around my school. I try to keep my head held high and know that what happened to me just made me stronger. Things can change in the blink of an eye and you’ll never see it coming.

Everyday is a challenge; I lost what was important to me in life. I learn new lessons everyday. No matter how old you are or how mature you may be, there is always new things around the corner that helps you in life. In a way I am glad I went through this because today I now know who my true friends are. I may only have a few friends but I know I can talk to them about anything. It took history to form what I had with them, but now its time to make history with these ones. I am grateful I have some true friends out there.

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