Everybody Goes To Camp

April 11, 2011
By vweaver14 BRONZE, Lyman, South Carolina
vweaver14 BRONZE, Lyman, South Carolina
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You know how every kid gets excited over the summer for some crazy activity. Well, I was one of those kids. I had only been attending church for a couple of weeks by then. I had made several close friends over the time. And, finally the day had come. The church’s annual youth trip to Maudlin for worship and fun times. But, what I didn't expect was that a book can be judged by its cover sometimes.
We arrived at the camp a little after 12. The air was crisp and dry, a breeze rustled my hair. A sense of urgency rushed into me like a tidal wave, as I grabbed my bag and headed into the main building. I signed in, and bought a green shirt from the camp store. Soon, my sister was running ahead, because the week before, she herself had been there. So she knew her way around already. I opened my dorm room door and there were all my friends from church lying on the beds, talking, throwing paper airplanes, and spreading camp gossip. I immediately felt at home all over again. I said goodbye to my mother and began to unpack for the week long excitement filled experience.
As, my group walked down to the fields the next day, we felt urgency and egotism spread through us. As we so far have been in the lead for the championship in the games. We had won basketball, soccer, and flag football so far. All that was left was volleyball, and we were tied with the undefeated team, who had won last year. When we arrived at the court they weren’t present, so we began to practice. A half hour had passed and they still hadn’t shown. So the referee declared us winners by default. That night as I showered I felt a sense of pride.
The camp was great the rest of the time. Good food, great people, fun counselors. We had just the right amount of Jesus and fun. The last day I felt tired excited and relived. The next morning I would be leaving this sanctuary and my new friends. I knew this was an experience I would never ever forget and hoped to share with friends and maybe even my own children one day.
So you may say camp isn’t for everyone. But, I believe that all children should have a chance to experience the magic and wonder of this crazy experience we call camp. I know I will never ever regret going because I learned so much. I know have more confidence too, and know that there is always some way too have fun. Even if it’s just a couple people you know and a bat and ball. Hopefully, you take a chance and try a camp too!

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