April 8, 2011
In High school, everyone’s main goal is to become popular in one way or another. Not everyone fulfills that goal, though. Some kids become popular, others are left in a different group and their happy and others…well others become invisible. I’ve heard tons of stories about how no one wants to be invisible because admitting to yourself that you are invisible is quite depressing. But I beg to differ. What about being invisible is a turnoff? That no one notices you? That you’re not constantly surrounded by large groups of people? That’s what’s getting to you? Wow, if you feel or are considered invisible, you really don’t have any idea what you have on your side. You have truth and honesty on your side, that’s what you have. And now you’re asking ‘how do I have truth and honesty on my side?’ well, it’s actually quite simple. When you’re considered invisible, you have the advantage of seeing others and their true colors. I consider myself invisible in the realm of popularity, I always have, but out of that “loss” I’ve gained something most “popular” people don’t have. Sight of my true friends. Not many of you but I’m sure some of you remember that book series The Clique by Lisi Harrison. You know? The one about a girl who tries a little too hard to be part of the popular group of girls at school? Yeah, that one. The movie wasn’t really worth watching, but one quote struck me as I watched it with a cousin who was a little too into it. The main girls of the series were playing a game with the not-so popular girl Claire. One girl asks Claire if she’d rather have tons of friends who secretly hated her or be a friendless loser. At some point in our lives we might feel that we need friends even if they’re two faced, but I ask you, what could you possibly have to gain from these types of friends, if you can call them friends at all? In all honesty, I knew that I’d rather have no friends at all than to have some and be hated by them. That’s what being invisible has helped me see. When you’re on the outside looking in, you see a lot more than when you’re with the in crowd. I definitely have seen a lot more of some people as an outsider than ever before. Not everyone is who they say to be, that’s a fact of life. Another fact of life is that ignorance is indeed bliss. Not knowing or not wanting to know something about someone is many of us feel when we’ve gotten close to a person, is something we could probably live without, something we’d prefer to live without. When you’re a stranger in the kingdom of popularity you find people who are worth your time, people you can call friends who you know you can count on, but what’s fun about being that stranger is you see people in the superlative groups for whom they really are, not what they want to be seen as. Being invisible isn’t so bad, if you know how to take advantage of it, that is. I, for one, have found perfect use for my invisibility.

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