You Don't Even Know Me

April 6, 2011
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Everywhere I go, I see your face. I know it's you, but do you know it's me?

Every breath I take is for you, about you, because of you, but do you even know me? An hour in the morning to make my hair perfect, and hour everyday to make my skill improve, maybe as good as you one day.. Yes, I know about you. You are the strongest, most courageous person I know. And you don't even know me. But you’ve seen me, you recognize me. When you see me over and over, you begin to think, hey, haven't I seen her before? Yes, you have and you will but not now. I can't let myself

come out of the shadows, if I did, you would know me, then you would know me. I can't let that happen. Your going to be famous someday, I know you will. But me? No, I hope I can preform, but I'm not close to good enough to be famous. You may think I'm weird or something, but I am, I know I am. And your not. Not at all, not in the least. Your actually perfect. And you don't even know me.

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