The Value of Parents

April 5, 2011
By Victorynd46 BRONZE, Webster Groves, Missouri
Victorynd46 BRONZE, Webster Groves, Missouri
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Have you ever wondered, what life would be like without parents who cared and/or parents at all. Lots of kids do, the sad thing is, is that many of them would like it if they didn’t have any parents. No parents, otherwise known as “freedom.” Well, you are wrong, your parents are very important and have a huge impact on your future.
I’ve seen kids with parents who don’t care about them, their lives are mixed up with drugs, alcohol and violence. My mom, works in the ER and I’ve seen many kids walk through those doors, with parents who don’t care. Out of all the times I’ve been there and seen this unpleasant sight. There is one time that I remember the most.
On December 13, 2010 I walked into my mom’s ER to simply say “hi”, but as I walked through those doors I knew that I could be in for a real “treat.” 10 minutes later at preciously 5:45 P.M., two girls around the age of 13 walked in bending over puking into bags. My mom took them into a room and sat them down. I can remember hearing her ask… “What drugs have you taken?”
I was surprised when 5 minutes later, they were still listing all the drugs they took. When they finally stopped, I snuck a peak into the room, and saw the two girls, but now they had their parents. They were each reading a magazine, as if they didn’t care. I looked over to mom, whose mouth was wide open. She continued to ask questions and the girls answered them all, the parents didn’t look up once.
I think that is one of those days that a person remembers for the rest of their life. Who knew that a quick visit to the ER would change my life. I still can’t believe that they went through all that pain just to “fit in” and be cool.

The author's comments:
This is a very truthful story, that is very moving.

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