The Theme of My Life

April 5, 2011
My family is a book, a novel if you will.

My mother is the beckoning beginning that always sets the story, and leads the way to different directions.

My bigot brother is the climax that constantly changes the point of view and creates
several solutions to turn the story around.

My fear-not father is the falling action, not afraid and always carrying everything along to a solution, directing you to greater stakes and better days.

My 2 dogs are the heroes that incessantly lend the worried, the hurt, and the lost
characters, a shoulder to lean on and the courage to carry on.
And I guess that leaves me, I am the brain controlling the pencil, the keys, and the
eraser to write and resolve our story.

But I must say, somehow, someway we all end up in a fairytale, somewhat happily ever after.

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