Brown Eyed Boy

April 4, 2011
By , East Bernstadt, KY
I didn't want The summer to end, I had recently had The best time of my life. I got to be with my secret crush all summer. Nothing could compare to That. I Thought about him every night and relived moments we had in my dreams. When school started in August, I was very nervous but excited. At my school, we had These Things called "teams". Each grade had 3 teams and each student would be randomly put in one. I was hoping That I would get The same team as him but in assembly where They told us what team we were on, our names weren't called for The same team. I was really sad; I Thought This year would be The worst. When I got in my homeroom, I noticed a handsome blond hair, brown eyed boy in The corner of The classroom. The seat next to him wasn't took so, I sat There. When I sat down, I motioned my friend, Olivia, to sit next to me on The other seat beside me. When she sat down, I glanced over my shoulder to get a better look at The brown eyed boy. He was staring at me. When our eyes met, I felt something stirring up inside of me. I wasn't sure what it was but, it was so overwhelming That it completely distracted me from mine and Olivia's conversation. When reality came back to me, Olivia asked me how was my summer with my crush. I told her it was amazing but The whole time I was Thinking about The brown eyed boy. When The teacher came in The classroom, everyone stopped talking. As The teacher started to do role-call, she called my name first. Then later on she called The brown eyed boy's name. His name was Tanner. He had a very deep but relaxing voice. All Throughout The day I Thought about Tanner. How his hair blond hair flowed perfectly, how is brown eyes shined brightly with a green tint. How his voice was echoing Through my head, over and over, like a scratched CD. When 4Th period rolled around, I noticed he was There. It was band. I played percussion. As I went to my section, he went There too. He also played percussion. The first day we only talked about our instruments but never played Them. When I sat down, he sat in The chair next to me. I got butterflies. I was so nervous. I really wanted to say something to him. As I got The nerve to say hello, he did instead. His voice, so deep, so calming. We Then spoke The whole period. He was funny, nice, caring, and very smart. He was a lot like I was. We liked The same music, The same shows, movies, books, everything. It seemed for That moment in time, I had forgotten about my crush and everything else in The world and just focused on him. Tanner was also in my 7Th period, and he invited me to sit next to him. We talked That whole period, too. I started to Think That maybe, just maybe, I had formed a crush on This brown eyed boy. I later called my crush. We talked for a while but he seemed so different. I realized at That moment That I no longer loved him. The next few weeks, me and Tanner began to get much closer. He was becoming my best friend. We hung out more Then me and Olivia did. My crush grew stronger for him one afternoon. Tanner, our friend Mike, and I were talking. Mike said he could make me blush but I told him to try. Poor Mike tried everything he could but he just couldn't make me blush. Then Tanner said he could make me blush. My heart stopped Then resumed but beat way faster Then normal. I asked Tanner how he could make me blush and he brushed my bangs out of in front of my face and Then stroked my cheek. It worked. I blushed big time. I Then realized The maybe, just maybe, I was in love with my brown eyed boy. Later on in The year, I had had many laughs and cherish-able moments with my brown eyed boy. I never told him how I felt though. I realized I thought about him all the time. I was really in love. Even today I have had many boyfriends and many heartbreaks but through it all, I never stopped loving my brown eyed boy. I don't think he feels the same about me as I do him but, as long as he is my best friend, I am fine. Only time can tell.

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