My Life Act 1

March 31, 2011
By , chicago, IL
During my junior year of high school, I walked through the fiery pits of hell by myself. That year was one of the most traumatic things that I’ve been through. That year made me who I am today. I learned what true friends are; I learned how to stand alone; I learned that boys no matter what they may say aren’t very trustable. It all began with a decision. Everything that has happened to me thus far has begun with a decision. That may seem as if it was a light statement but in all actuality it is the essential key to me.
A wrong decision lead to the wrong choice. A wrong choice lead to a domino effect that only one could dream up in dreams, more like nightmares that never seemed to end. What is this decision? Well, its horrible! Disgusting! Gross! Nasty! No, in reality it’s none of the above. The decision was sex. According to our society, sex is deemed as something beautiful yet ghastly, necessary but not expected.
The consequences of this are unknown by many people, much less a 17 year old naive child in a sense. Fully grown I thought, the choice would be easy and even anticipated at my age however with the mind of a prepubescent child who has rarely experienced anything sexual, much less oral sex the decision was insurmountable. “Omg! Have you heard about her?” “Well, I heard this.” “No I heard this!” Walking down the halls, all I could hear is the whispers of my classmates, peers, and even “friends”. To myself I often pondered what could they be talking be? Is there anything I did? Could this be changed? Then it me like a 95 mph bus. “Is Going Around Sucking Everybody’s Dick. Hide Your Man. That Bitch Nasty.” As my heart fell to the floor my pride, confidence, and self-worth went right along with it.

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