March 28, 2011
By Anonymous

It was a warm autumn day in beautiful Park City, Utah. At my elementary school, I was being bullied. The student who was constantly bullying me was very big and very mean. All of my friends said I should try and fight him but I was too afraid. Finally I gave into the pressure and decided to fight him. I drank three protein shakes a day and extra steak at dinner. On the day of the fight, I was ready. I found him standing behind the playground, arms crossed, leaning against the swing-set. “You ready?” He said with a grunt, “Ya.” I replied. He started walking slowly towards me when a new French foreign exchange student named Bakuiq popped out and helped me. I’m guessing Bakuiq had been in a few fights before because he pummeled the bully. After Bakuiq beat up my tormentor, he never bullied anyone again.

Bakuiq is a perfect example of a loyal friend. No one had ever talked to lonely Bakuiq, but he stood up for me and that’s a really

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