April 1, 2011
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My mother leaves for work. The door slams. The unwelcomed sun sneaks in threw the blinds. I sit there with my knees to my chest. I go to war with tears. No police sirens are heard. No gun shots echo through the town to my ears. Miles way from my real home. Alone. Times flown by. The new year is winding down. For the fist time in a long time music doesn't stain my ears.

I stare out the window watching children play below it. They drift away. I wonder if they know how lucky they are. All they worry about is what game to play. Suburban neighbor hood keeps them safe while city kids fight for their lives.

For the first time silence is all I want. To hear no gun shots that make me wonder if my friends are dead. No sirens taunt me. Here there's no noise. The silence tells me theres still hope for tomorrow. The silence tells me I'm safe. I'll live for another day.

I think I'm beginning to like silence. I close my eyes and breath in. I hear my heart beating so loudly within me. Is this really my heart? Where have you been?

Silence I welcome you. For now.

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