Arrrgh apologies!

March 31, 2011
By S1a1j BRONZE, Kathmandu, Other
S1a1j BRONZE, Kathmandu, Other
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I am here for a purpose nd dat is to grow into a mountain not to shrink 2 a grain of sand and henceforth will i apply all my efforts 2 bcome da highest mountain of all nd i will strain my potential until it cries 4 mercy! lol!

"I am terribly, utterly, desperately sorry. That wasn't what I wanted to do. That wasn't close to what I wanted to say. You have to forgive me. You need to forgive me. I did it out of my....because,since,as....Wait! no what am I saying? Lets start over. Okay! now with a different expression."

Its no secret that most of us practice this session before apologizing to any one. There are no exceptions. These feelings foster within everyone of us. However,its not entirely our fault. Our mere sense of astute obliges us to do what we are doing. Thinking back at times, I do remember practicing this ridiculous sessions many times indeed. Did I benefit from them? Yes, maybe up to a certain level but I have started believing that this sort of apology isn't somehow exactly "heartfelt" as it should be. When you are genuinely sorry for your mistakes and for the reason that you hurt some body's feelings than I don't think anyone needs these petty sessions to exemplify how one really feels. Isn't it?
So, how about telling the people you are apologizing what comes straight from your heart rather than inventing or discovering the right words for it? Wouldn't it be a lot more easier and true?

The author's comments:
This is just how I felt after I faced a guy head on after I had denied his proposal and talked about it with my friends. Instead of practicing I went to the guy and told him I was really sorry about what I had done. He forgave me for my mistake.

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