Worst Day of MyLife

March 31, 2011
By PinkNBlonde17 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
PinkNBlonde17 BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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The worst day of my life started like this. Well actually the night before was the start of the sadness and guilt that I would face the following morning. I had been dating a guy behind my parents and e thought we were in love. We hung out as friends and spent every day all day together and were never separated for a straight month. But I wasn’t allowed to date and especially this certain boy. But we had kept it secret from everyone, even our friends. It was our little secret. But this very night my mom had caught onto my behavior and sat me down in the living room. Her very words were,” If you’re dating this boy you better tell me everything!” I proceeded to tell her everything but not quite EVERYTHING. I had told her how close we were, how we kissed and the biggest part of all how I snuck to his house to spend the night. We hadn’t done anything we were very pure but to my mother anything past holding hands was absolutely prohibited at this point. I had to cut off my ties to him and was not allowed to speak to him unless obligated to by a teacher. This night had been already been the worst. Bawling until I got sick, not sleeping a blink, and keeping myself from running away were the proof that I was in fact in love with this kid. The next morning I would have to sit him down before the bell and tell him how it was and put on a show like I had not been there for the whole relationship to keep him from knowing the real truth. MY mom was right in a way about what she had said but she didn’t truly understand how hard I had fallen for him. So the next day I left early from the house and took a long drive to Charlevoix and back trying to get my thoughts together and my “speech” in order. I was so jumble brained and an absolute wreck from the night before I couldn’t even manage to get myself decent looking. The thought of his face sent me back into the sorrow hole I had been drug into. I got myself together, changed my tear soaked hoodie, put on some makeup to appear together even though I knew it wasn’t long before the mascara would smear and the cover up would have streaks of salty tears leaving the proof of the night I had endured and the love I had lost. There he was sitting on the bench in our usual spot smiling as big as every day before but his face changed when the tears arrived down my face..he knew something was up for sure. I grabbed his hand gently and took him to the hallway. Now was the time to break the news of our love no longer existing…

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