Teenage Power Game

March 30, 2011
By Anonymous

You don’t get it. Don’t say you do because I can bet you don’t. Don’t tell me that kids were like that in your “age” because I know that times have changed.

All they care about is the latest fashion, cutest boys, and having power over everyone else in the school. They don’t care if they are mean, they don’t care if you break down in tears right in front of them. All they care about are themselves. They never see past the reflection they see when they look in the mirror. ” Ewww” , followed by a rude up and down stare every time you pass them in the halls. It doesn’t matter if you have never talked to them, looked at them, or even know their name. Nope. Doesn’t matter. They somehow still have the right to call you “ugly”, or “stupid”, or some other term they come up with on the spot. It just doesn’t make sense how making someone feel so horrible can make them feel so good. Maybe it’s a power thing? I don’t know. I wouldn’t know. That’s not even the worst part, their little game can trap you. Oh you better watch out cause it’s just like fly in honey. Trapped. That’s how they all started. They were just like you and me until one day they realized that being feared is better then fearing someone else. It is power. That’s what they crave. They want to think that they are better than everyone else, and they can do anything they want. They want to think that they are unstoppable. Every time they hurt someone, they gain. It’s a win loose situation that can’t be changed. But sometimes I think they probably want out of this game, because every time they make someone cry or do a rude stare in the hall they gain someone against them. Is it better to be known and feared and have haters all around? See this is what I don’t get. When you reach this level, no one is your true friend. No one is there for you, they are only there for themselves. It’s a game you see, pick and choose. Want true friends? Or just a bunch of fake ones that couldn’t care less about you.

The author's comments:
One of the hardships of being a teenager

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