Can't Stop

March 30, 2011
By shandelarenve SILVER, Buffalo, Texas
shandelarenve SILVER, Buffalo, Texas
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She was rocking in the chair, continuously. Hesitating every once in a while, to push back and forth. The thoughts of him, crossed her mind, and while they did she stared off. It was in the middle room, by the fire, that she had distinct thoughts of him. Previously they shared something that mesmerized her, and didn't phase him. His car, his hair, his feel, his breath, his heart beat.. Everything about him was special to her. -It was January 1st, that she made the mistake of calling him by the name of "boyfriend" only kidding. They both took it farther, when he drove to her house, she got in his car and left her friends. The only thing she took in was his aroma that made her lose her train of thought. They sat in the car, in her drive-way for 3 hours.. Alone. They talked, and asked questions to each other until there wasn't anything left to say. "What would you do if I kissed you?" he asked; It was then that they had their first kiss. They continue seeing each other until February not knowing their "relationship" was near end. She, by then, liked him a lot. But, in his words.. It was a whole different story. They never were "boyfriend, girlfriend." Everyone saw it hurt her whenever he purposely ignored her in public. She asked why, and his response was always the same, "You know how people talk." Yes, she knew.. But, for him she was ready to sacrifice peoples ignorance. March 1st, she was ready to give up.. But, she knew it was going to be hard, since she lost him for 2 weeks in the past. Now, she hasn't taken any steps to put forth letting him go.- She sees his car, she smell his aroma, anything.. He drives her insane. Was this just her mind, or was this real? Only her heart knows. But, that doesn't matter.. He doesn't want her now.

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