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March 24, 2011
By Holly. SILVER, Exline, Iowa
Holly. SILVER, Exline, Iowa
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Tehe. I mean....I didnt do it =)

I think I'm starting to catch a cold. My dad has it and now my nose and throat feels weird. I guess I should finish some of those stories in this class. Some of them are about my friend Ryan but in them I used his middle name so nobody would know it was him. Wow I miss freshman year a lot. I guess I miss it so much because that’s where I met the most people and friends. Back then I wore lots of pink and always wore bows. Now I wear leather and torn up jeans. I want to go shopping but I cant ‘til I get a car. I have about 150 with me and about 220 in the bank and my dad said if I saved a couple hundred more I could get a good car. Last night I realized I can’t miss out on life just because of one guy. I dated him for almost two years but he always dumped me every week my friends ask me why I keep going back to him but I just don’t know. I'm happier if I'm just at work or school keeping busy. I actually love work, especially when I close because we get to talk and mess around when the stores closed. Our assistant manager Cory just got transferred a couple weeks ago and I miss him. But the new guy Jeremy looks like Napoleon Dynamite so its ok. I think I should dye my hair back to the way it was because now that it has highlights its not really shiny or sort anymore. Wow I don’t really feel like a junior. I feel more like an 8th grader and I don’t know why. Pickles. I think that’s a cute name for a pet. Something that is bothering me right now is that my best friend William Repasz hasn’t talked to me since he’s graduated and I wonder why. I hope he isn’t mad at me. This guy I work with is real funny. His name is Jonathan. I was closing with him one night and I told him that I was getting a firebird and he said that he was gonna get a fire chicken and call him bok bok. My friend Ben always came into Fareway and one night Jeremy came up to him, put his arm around him and asked him to leave. On Face-Book, he put that he was scared of the Fareway manager. The next day Ben came back in and Doug the manager came up to him and asked why he is scared of him. Ben explained it all out and I thought it was kind of funny. Wow I just realized I'm talking about work a lot. I guess ill talk about what I do at home. I usually come home from school when I don’t work and go listen to music. Music is my life. I always have a song in my head. Except now… not sure why. OMG I might get a new phone. The only problem is it costs 300 bucks. It’s called the android. I really can’t wait for college. I want to go to this really nice college with my friend Ashley. She is my best friend and she’s just as random as I am. I can’t wait to go shopping with Ryan next weekend. He just said that if I go back to my ex he's gonna punch me. I want to buy a really expensive pair of jeans. I'm definitely a shopaholic. I think that's my new motivation and at least it doesn't break my heart. Mrs. White just said it has been a weird week and it has been. We went to school Monday and Friday. I love taking creative writing because I get to talk about my feelings and it makes me feel better. This is how Promise does her P.E. reports. She just writes down what's on her mind and I think I’m gonna start doing that. Man I can't wait to get a car. I'm gonna try to get a camaro so I can drive it past my ex and make him jealous. The sad thing is I wasn't always like this. Plotting revenge and being evil started about the time I met him. Or at least until I had enough. All that matters is I’m not going back to him. I don't know how many times I said that but I'm really not going to this time. I really hate it when I paint my nails and then the next day it's already chipping off. It really irritates me. I kinda hate this study hall because all these girls do is just talk back to Mrs. Bond and it's really annoying. I just wish they would say ok and be done with it. I've been eating really healthy these past couple days and I think I'll make it a habit. For break at work, I usually got a Java Monster (God I love those things) and something sweet. Now I get a banana and 100 percent juice. I tried the Russian Java Monster and it is GOOD. I said it's made from liquor but it's still non-alcoholic. I always wanted a Russian accent. I don't know why but I do. Crap. I have to read a really boring book for English. It's called the Scarlet Letter and I already hate it. It's like...i start reading and then I just start thinking of other things. One of those things is Family Guy. I love that show so much I have two 3 disk sets plus this other DVD. Anytime I want to feel better I just watch that show the BAM I'm in a good mood. Well crap I found out that Shawn has a job interview at Fareway today. Him and two other guys I work with call me starey because apparently I stare at them even though I just space off but whatever. Never once have I actually been with someone on Valentines Day. I've been dumped on that day. I don’t like him anymore because he's too conceited and he thinks he’s the best at everything. His brothers are soo hot though. Now I'm sitting in study hall with two other people plus Mrs. Bond. They're talking about the big snowstorm we just had. Tanner just said that there's going to be another storm. Not big though, only bout three inches of snow. I’m really craving a Java Monster right about now. I think the reason why they sell so many monsters is because they put something addictive in them. I just can’t get over how good they make me feel. This summer I’m going to start tanning but not in a tanning bed. I’m so sick of being white the reason why I don’t tan in a tanning bed is because my mom did it and now she has little moles popping up on her face and legs.

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This is how random i am...

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on May. 18 2011 at 9:43 am
redneckromeo PLATINUM, Centerville, Iowa
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"I love you is used way to much kinda like I'm sorry"
"love comes with a price and the price is pain"

Nicew randome friend of mine :)


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