Discrimination that still goes unnoticed

March 25, 2011
By , cleveland, MO
You hear all about being politically correct so no feelings get hurt. racial and gender based discrimination still exists and I know probably alot of people will be mad for me saying this but this is my opinion so deal with it. I'm not African American, I'm not Native American or Hispanic or any of the so called " minority" i don't believe in minority groups or anything. we are all apart of a minority in a sense. But even with this i still face insults and jokes and teasing because I'm almost albino. I'm half Celtic half Dutch because of this I have naturally really dark hair and skin that is litarly almost paper white. So what I'm pale, alot of you are thinking. many people go on and on about how i have no right to feel bullied because of it. but in a society were the tanner you are the better the person. how can i be anything when i physically can't be tan? I've been called emo and gothic and ghost. for a time i was embrassed by the fact i was so fair skinned. but now i understand, everyone has there own beauty, everyone is beautiful in their own way, no matter if they are dark of light thick curly hair or thin and striaght or even if their eyes are blue or brown. We are all beautiful. so for those who still bully people for their skin, think back in time... most likely at some point in time you would have been tormented for your skin.

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