Liiiiiifffee Haas We Knnnoow Itttt,

March 25, 2011
Its been 5 years now and still the thoughts race through my mind, Why did you do it and Where are you know ? You didnt half to do it you know that ? EVeryones life would of been better, you couldnt even leave a note. Talk about think about others , or maybe you family ! You didnt think , you didnt think at all. I was forced to move to this hell hole, Chalmette. Honestly, this place sucks and i regret each and everything that ive done in this parish. My insecurities, hating myself, I lose more and more self worth each day. Im sorry im not perfect Im sorry ill never meet up to your expectations.
Then I meet this guy, this wonderfully amazing charming guy. I still think about how me a girl like me, could ever possibly have a guy like him. I made mistakes here and there with them, but i dont and will never regret them. We've been together for 2 years now weve been through more than you can ever possibly imagine. Unfornutely, we have to keep us a secret we cant tell anybody without being judged or i loose a friend or someones mad at me. I dont care at all. Nobody will ever come between us, all the times we'd sneak around the way that i hopefully will see him this weekend. No matter what im madly in love with him, hes been there for me through everything.

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