The Big Move

March 24, 2011
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“We’re doing what?”, I practically yelled at my parents. My father calmly replied, “We are moving to a place called Alpine Utah.” “But why?”, I said. My mother looked at me and said, “Because it’s just time to.” I didn’t think that was much of an answer so I decided to continue to pursue it. “But what’s wrong with our house that we live in now?” “Nothing’s wrong with it, it’s just time for a change.”

I loved the house that I lived in. It was a big gray and blue house that seemed to beg people not to come in, but I liked it that way. My backyard was great. My friends and I played star wars on our swing-set every single day. We had a secret porch off to the side of the house that I would sit on just about every day. It smelled like mold and looked like it too. It had giant walls all around it that would protect me from an attack from any enemy. All of our rooms were upstairs, with my siblings and I all sharing a bathroom. My room was my favorite part of the house. It was originally supposed to be a playroom, but then my brother was born so I got it! It was at least 50 feet long, or at least I thought, with ceilings reaching to the sky. But I would never see any of these things again very soon.

The next few weeks seemed to fly by without me even knowing it. “How about this one?”, my dad asked my mom pointed at the computer screen. “Eh, it’s okay I guess.” “This one?”, my father desperately inquired. “No, it’s not the right color.” My mother seemed to always find something wrong with a house that we found. I suppose that she had strings attached to our house that she just could not cut loose. Maybe that’s why we finally just decided to build our own.

The property that we bought was perfect, or so I thought. It was in a culdasac with our house at the very top. Our backyard was parallel to Alpine highway so we could hear every single car that drove passed, but I didn’t mind. The lot right next to ours was owned by Quest so we basiclly had two backyards, which is any kids dream. The lot wasn’t completed yet, so there were rocks and dirt all over. The main reason we bought it is because my mom’s best friend growing up lived three houses down. She spent weeks trying to convince us to move down there, but after her little daughter made a list of 50 reasons why we should move by her, we couldn’t refuse.

We had to stay somewhere while our new house was being built and my grandpa welcomed us with open arms. That’s really how my grandpa is. I don’t think I have ever heard him say no to somebody in his lifetime. Every single one of the kids in my grandpa’s neighborhood knows him as “Grampa Dick”. They are constantly at his house begging for oreos, which have become his trademark nowadays.

My grandpa is one of my heros. He’s gone through so many hard things like the great depression, many wars, and the passing of his wife and my grandmother. You can tell what he’s been through just by looking at his hands. They are big enough to handle anything you give him, while gentle enough to give my baby brother a hug without waking him. His hands have calluses from countless hard days at work, and they are hardly ever clean except when he is making sandwiches. The sandwiches that nobody can beat even if they tried. My grandpa takes pride in the sandwiches he makes, which I can easily live with.

My new house was even better than I expected. It was tan and brown with rock covering most of it. My favorite part of the outside was the giant windows in the back. We put them facing the mountains so the view is amazing. The inside was also pretty cool I thought, mainly because of my room. Although I didn’t get my first choice of rooms I still love the one I'm in. I share a bathroom with my brother who is only 5 years old right now, but I still like it. We have a very large balcony overlooking our main room so it makes the whole house feel open which my family really likes. I wouldn’t change a single thing I my house even if I had the chance.

I guess the whole moral of this story is to accept change. Without change our lives would be completely different from what they are now. It turned out that I was happy that we moved. I made new friends, a new house, and a new adventure. Everyone needs to accept change, whether it’s good or bad. You never know, it could turn out to be great.

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