What do children fear the most?

March 22, 2011
By Anonymous

When growing up most children have a fear of weather storms and when there are power outages. During these storms children make up extremely funny stories to amuse themselves and get their mind off of the ongoing storm. My personal experiences with this topic are quite comical.

When I was a young-ling, I was at my friend Danielle’s house. We were playing with Barbie’s, and all of the sudden it started raining so hard and it was terrifying. Danielle and I thought why not make up stories about our Barbie’s! So to start off, Barbie and Ken where in their dream house and they were very bored and they wanted other characters to play with. So Barbie and Ken found the characters from Toy Story and they decided to go on an adventure trip with them. The adventure trip consisted of the characters going to the toy store to purchase more parts for Mr. Potato Man.

This was a really fun experience for the characters they met a lot of new people and animals at the store. They weren’t quite sure how they were going to get the other people home. They thought of just bringing the characters through the automatic doors but what would happen if the sensor went off? That would be a problem they would all get stuck in the store and get prosecuted for stealing toys, even though they were other stores. So Barbie, Ken and everyone else had to come up with a great idea into how to get everyone out safely. It took a lot of brainstorming but shortly they came up with the idea to fling shot them out of the doors hoping that no workers would notice. What a great idea it all worked out great and everyone got home safely! Even though they got a little dirty form the road trip home. This is just one of the several stories that I can recall from my childhood on a stormy day!

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