A Day At The Como Zoo

March 21, 2011
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Have you ever seen a giraffe in your backyard? At your school? At the grocery store? In a swimming pool? At the doctor’s office? At a dairy farm?

You probably said no to all of the questions above, because the giraffe, you can only see in a few places. The Como Zoo has giraffes that you can see up close, an opportunity very few people get. The Como Zoo also has a wide variety of many other exotic and wild animals to see. Flamingos, zebras, lions, tigers, monkeys, polar bears, fish, seals, rhinos, and ostriches are part of a daily exhibit.

Can’t see an animal in the pen, or don’t know what the animal is? Look at the signs posted frequently around the cage. The signs provide you with a little bit of knowledge about the animal, such as: foods they eat, where they are from, and other things about their day in the wild. They may even help you to find the animal.

Interested in watching a show? The Como Zoo has shows, featuring several different animals and their talents, including; polar bears, tigers, and even flowers.

Besides a zoo, Como Zoo also has a golf course and an amusement park. If anyone is looking for a great and exciting, fun filled day for the whole family, the Como Zoo is a great place to go.

Animals big and small, hairy or furry, nocturnal or day animals. Many of them,can be seen at Como Zoo in Minnesota. Como Zoo has so much to offer, for everyone of ever age. Located in St. Paul, the Como Zoo is in a remote spot for most people, and a great tourist attraction.

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