Lots of Homework

March 21, 2011
By jenniferes BRONZE, Belle Plaine, Minnesota
jenniferes BRONZE, Belle Plaine, Minnesota
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Having lots of homework is something that some students do not like at all. I think having homework is important because you can learn more things. Do you do your homework on time? some students do not do their homework on time because they do others things like play video games or they go out with friends. Also some students like do the homework on time because they are very organized so they cannot get bad grades.

How can you get your home work on time? That is the question that some students ask.
Some students make a calendar o they cannot forget their homework is due or the schools give them a planner and they can put their homework in it. Do you use a calendar or a planner where you can put your homework? Some students think that they do not need a calendar or a planner because they never forget what homework they have to do. Also some students like to have everything organized that is why they like to have a calendar or a planner. I think having a calendar or a planner is very helpful so you can get your homework on time

Some students think that having lots of homework is a headache because they just want
go out with friends. They do not think how important homework is for their grades in school. To me homework is such as an important thing because that can be very helpful in the future. Now you know, having lots of homework is important! I think you have to be organized in getting your homework on time.

Also that is not the only homework that the students have, everybody have homework to
do like parents, neighbors, teachers, and all the persons in the world. The parents homework is
very hard because they have to take care of their children, send them to school, give them food,
etc. But also teachers have to teach children, teach them how to be educated, to prepare for the
future, etc. I think homework is very hard, but is very helpful!

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