5 Goals to Accomplish Before 2012

March 21, 2011
By dancerbby96 BRONZE, Belle Plaine, Minnesota
dancerbby96 BRONZE, Belle Plaine, Minnesota
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The Mayan calendar predicts that the world will end on December 21, 2012. There are many believers in this strange phenomenon, but there is no actual way of knowing if it is true or not. If the Mayans are correct and the world ends in roughly nine months, there are five things I would like to accomplish before I die.

1-Get Back Into Touch With Old Friends
Over the years I have made new friends and lost old ones. I’ve drifted away from people who I used to be very close with, and people who were a very large part of my life at some point. Before 2012, I want to get back in touch with long lost friends because if the world were to end, I would feel guilty for never telling them how much I miss them, and how much they meant to me.

2: Accept My Imperfections
Nobody is perfect, but I still do everything I can to get that label. Before 2012, I want to obtain the ability to accept myself for who I am and focus on my good qualities instead of my bad qualities. I also want to realize that in the end, the small things like how my hair looked, or how good of an athlete I was, isn't going to matter. In the long run, people remember someone by what kind of person they were, and how they effected the lives of people around them.

3: Take a Road Trip
As the months pass, more of my friends are getting their drivers license. Before 2012, I want to take a road trip to the East Coast with a group of my close friends. Taking a road trip with a group of friends would be a fun and memorable experience for everyone. It would be a way to get away from out everyday lives and have some freedom by ourselves, away from our families. The trip would also be a great time for my friends and I to spend quality bonding time together.

4: Become a Better Person
My goal is to stop talking bad about other people. When I am upset with someone, it is so easy to go and vent to my friends about how angry I am. Most of the time, the person I vent to is untrustworthy, and goes and gossips about what I had said to them. To become a better person by 2012, I want to stop myself from talking about people. When I am upset, instead of saying bad things about the person, I will try to think of three good qualities in the person and tell someone that instead of why I am upset.

5: Throw a Party
I have always wanted to throw a huge party, but haven’t ever got around to it. Since some people say the world is going to end in 2012, I want to throw a huge party on New Years Eve. I would invite all of my friends, and we would just have the time of our lives. Having a New Years Eve party would be a great thing to do because if the world were to end, we would all share our last memory together.

If the Mayans are correct and the world ends in roughly nine months, these are the five things I would like to accomplish before I die. Hopefully the Mayans are wrong and there is going to be no end to the world because there is so much more I want to get out of life. All of these things are something I've wanted to do for quite some time now, but I am now going to make an extra effort to complete each one of these goals in case this is my last year here on earth.

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I have been considering what I want to do if the world were to end in 2012.

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