March 13, 2011
By Anonymous

It’s hard not to blame yourself for unanswered problems. You think they are unanswered because it’s your fault, and you aren’t allowed to know. You can blame yourself for anything.

You could blame yourself for your fish dying. You couldn’t feed him because you were sick in the hospital.

You could blame yourself for your little sister scrapping her knee. You weren’t next to her to catch her before she fell off her bike, you were babysitting.

You could blame yourself for failing your math test. You didn’t have time to study; your dog was being put to sleep the night before.

You could blame yourself for anyone of these things. But when they are written on paper, they seem less and less possibly your fault. Write down the things you blame yourself for and see if they could possibly be your fault. They are parts of life, and were supposed to happen to teach you something. That’s the main reason things happen; to teach you a lesson. Lessons make you who you are as a person. Without lessons, every person would be the same.

You can’t blame yourself for other people’s actions. Fights are a part of life.

Friends fight.

Parents fight.

You fight.

No human can possibly fix every problem. And if you solved every problem, no one would make their own mistakes. Mistakes equal lessons.

Friends make mistakes.

Parents make mistakes.

You make mistakes.

The author's comments:
My friends continually blamed themselves. So I wrote this for them. Here you go Nick and Dan. <3

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