The Seam of Friendship

March 13, 2011
By shadowolf239 BRONZE, Port Jefferson, New York
shadowolf239 BRONZE, Port Jefferson, New York
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"One does not need eyes to see, for sometimes one cannot see with their eyes...instead they must see with their hearts" ~Gorrow

Friendship is something you have to cherish.
Because in truth it is not as easy to make a friend then it is to lose one.
Often you can and will have fights with your friends that will pull on the seam you worked so hard to sow together.
But as it begins to unravel you fix it, healing each individual strand so that there are no more frays and tears.

Have you ever been in a huge fight with your friend?
You know one of those fights in which you’re not talking to each other till one of you breaks the silence?
When you’re having one of these huge fights, and you’re crying and your heads hurting and you feel like your dead has your mind ever wandered, recalling the many good memories you have of your friend?

Like the first time you met? Recalling starting a light conversation at lunch with each other and realizing you have more in common then you would have thought.

Or the first birthday party you had together? Recalling how you had to pile six people into a single car and being the lucky one who had to fall out as she opened the door.

As your mind wanders the pain becomes worse and you beginning longing for her. Wanting to pick up the phone and call or even to simply text her but refusing to do so.

You remember the piggy back rides you gave each other, the crazy words you would shout out on random occasions.

“Woozy!” You shouted at another party and everyone started cracking up. Thinking back on it you can’t even remember what you had meant to say in the first place.

Do you remember the long sleepovers? Filled with games of hide and seek and charade. When you were laughing so hard you cried as you searched for the pair of glasses you through across the room while acting out a seen from a show.

Do you remember the times you simply sat together crying on each others shoulder. Comforting one another whispering words such as you’re going to be fine, and I’m here for you. Trying to cheer them up with the tissue monsters you had molded out of the tear stained tissues.

Finally you grab the phone and dial but after the first ring you hang up your mind racing. “What if she doesn’t want to talk to me…” you think, “What if she never wants to talk to me again…?”

You go to school the next day and watch as the day speeds by. Peers joke around in the hallway and you think, “That use to be us,” we use to be the ones laughing and trying to sneak up behind each other often failing in the process.

We use to be the ones who would make a fool out of ourselves. Tripping up stairs and leaping on top of each other while walking through crowded hallways.

Cake fights, Banana Fights, Water fights inside the house. All of these great memories continue to come flooding back to you when finally you spot her. Your heart is pounding as you approach each other from each side of the hall. The same questions from before racing through your head.

“Please…please…please” You whisper in your head not really knowing why, knowing your suppose to be mad at her but not wanting to be anymore. And then she lifts her hand and waves and a smile breaks out across your face. You have your friend back at last. Your friendship is saved.

At lunch you sit side by side and laugh remembering more good times. Remembering the failure sled rides that ended with you both covered in snow and shivering, remembering Halloween when you ran around dressed as Batman and Joker.

All these small memories add up to a larger picture. All these memories have a purpose. If not for these memories would you still be friends. If you couldn’t recall the trip into Chinatown, the S’mores you cooked over a grill because you had no fire place. The intense Volleyball games at the beach that left you aching and sore.

A true friend has cried with you, laughed, with you, sang of key with, and fought with you. A true friend is able to give you memories that will make sure your seam won’t tear apart. The memories are the superglue that holds you both together. They help you get through the roughest of times.

Friendship is something humans have always looked for. Some sort of companionship. These memories are needed. They are the constant force that your friendship depends upon. They helped you forgive and move on and more importantly remind you of why you are friends. If you cannot hear each other’s laughter, if you cannot smile when the other smiles, if you cannot lean on each other when you need to most then can you call each other friends?

Friendship is the most important thing in my life besides family. Through life there are struggles. Friendship alone is a struggle all must go through. Sometimes it seems impossible, sometimes you want to give up but recall those precious moments, recall the friendship you share and you will make it through to the next day. One of the strongest bonds in this world is the bond formed between friends.

The author's comments:
I have always believed that friendship is one of the strongest bonds. I know many of people but I only count six of the hundreds my dear friends. These six are the ones I am able to laugh with, to cry with, to smile and frown with. This short article I wrote on friendship is a mixture of memories I formed with one of my best friends and my reflection on what was one of the worse fights I had with her.

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