Are you cut out for being a Real Housewife of DC?

March 12, 2011
Was Washington D.C. ready for prima donna housewives and antsy students from all over the country? I think not. The extremely conservative, seemingly right-wing (cough cough) city, normally hosting guest to presidents and political hopefuls this summer has finally gotten a taste of the real world people that make up this wonderful country. Recently, a new Real Housewives show has been introduced to the Bravo TV network, The Real Housewives of D.C. This show is only in its first season and doesn’t seem as wonderfully dramatic and comic as the other Housewives shows. The Real Housewives of New Jersey packs a punch with mafiosa housewives pulling out weaves and getting arrested, a bit more interesting than the D.C. ladies. Head of the family and so-called “mob boss” of the females, Caroline Manzo, always cracks me up. Could she be a redheaded me in 30 years? I think so. Not only do the Housewives of D.C. lack the large caricatures that the New Jersey women have, they also only have a sense of themselves and avoid a head-on fight, which we all know makes great TV. Back stabbers and telephone gossipers make up the new television show resulting in a lackluster new Bravo show. Where art thou Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List? Also lacking is the loud, swearing women and their husbands that back them up. In Washington, things seem to have to be a little bit more “subdued” as my 96 year old grandmother always used to say.
Not only did Washington have to deal with crazy broads, they also had to reserve the United States’ capital for around 150 high school seniors from all over the United States and world, for that matter. George Mason University hosted the week long Washington and Journalism Media Conference for rising seniors and journalism extraordinaires. Students, young writers and broadcast journalists came from all over the country to take part in the conference. Our own senior, Vicky Giannini, was Illinois’ one and only representative. Washington D.C. was not only full of congressmen and aristocrats, but full of fun and interesting sights. Vicky had the chance to see many of the monuments, museums and sights in Washington D.C. She also had the chance to meet with Congressman Quigley’s press associate Ben Strauss. In such a conservative town, people may think, “What can I do to push the limit?” Well, both obstruction of the peace and trying to sneak into the White House both account for pushing the limit. I won’t tell you if these are antics of Housewives or our own Guerin senior, just imagine it!
In other news, Kathy Griffin also invaded the chipper Washington D.C. Calling people jokingly “big queens” and marching for the repeal of Prop 8 really does make a name for yourself in the nation’s capital. Kathy Griffin was not only in Washington D.C. presently, she was also in Bloomington, Il for a standup comedy performance and meet and greet. As we all know, Kathy was a Groundlings Comedy Club graduate, star of Suddenly Susan and Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List and fabulous standup comedian. Let’s just say, I can cross Kathy Griffin off my list of celebrities to meet. We talked of boobs, the gay icons and theater kids, of course. I also dropped names like Cher and Joan Rivers. Oh Kathy, thank you for making my summer a wonderful one. I guess Washington has bought me different things: Bravo shows, Journalism Conferences and Kathy Griffin. Don’t forget the repeal of Prop 8!

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