My Low Self-esteem

March 9, 2011
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I'm looking in front of me and there lies a creature short and stout with brown fur on it's head and brown eyes. It's eyebrows are like two fuzzy caterpillars that stick up in attempt to scare off those who dares look upon them. It's lips are puffy and bubbly. It's ears are small and pathetic. It's nose sticks up like a natural Pinocchio. I look away to delay any further traumatizing. after a while, I reluctantly turn my head back for another glance, hoping the hideous creature has left,'s me...looking in the mirror.

I have never thought of myself as a beautiful person. I always criticize myself and never step in front of a camera. My friends and family tell me I'm beautiful and that this is who i am, but i don't agree with them. i believe that their is a beautiful girl inside of me just waiting to shed this thick and hideous outer layer and turn into a butterfly.

One day in school, i felt a mess. My hair was undone. My clothes weren't matching and i was having one of those "i feel fat" days. i was going into the bathroom to scorn at the creature on the wall when i see a post-it on the mirror. It said in beautiful print "You are beautiful, inside and out." For once in my life, I felt that someone out there was understanding what i was going through with my body. I felt as though there was a Guardian Angel who was around me that was just sick and tired of me criticizing myself and said "that's ENOUGH!"

This story goes out to all the girls and boys out there who feel that they're ugly or fat or too skinny or too dark, or that you have one too many freckles on your face. I'm here to say to all of you that it doesn't matter because you are beautiful in your own way.People love you for who you are not what you look like. You can be beautiful on the outside but you have to start on the inside. And that part is up to you!

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