My Dog

March 23, 2011
By BenWest SILVER, Mystic, Iowa
BenWest SILVER, Mystic, Iowa
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My sister gave her dog to me as a late birthday present. When she gave me Roscoe he was so cute and small with a lot of really thick and puffy fur. As Roscoe got older his fur started to thin out and started to have more color to it. The coloring of his fur was kind of weird, it had black, white, brown, and a little bit of a dark red color to it also. Now, Roscoe is like a bull in a china shop, knocking every thing over since he is now two feet tall if not taller on all four legs. Or you could describe him as a miniature pony, but with a short and stubby tail, and with the same coloring. His name is Roscoe. He is a very athletic dog and can jump really high, run very fast so that he can chase the cats and rabbits around the yard. Roscoe also likes to play with his deflated basketball out in the back yard when ever he is outside running around. If he wants you to play with him he will run up to you and kinda push you the basketball that is in his mouth. Roscoe also eats and drinks a lot. He loves peanut butter. It is his favorite snack for when is just being lazy and doesn't feel like going outside or if its raining out. Roscoe doesn't like the rain but he sure does love to take baths and go swimming in the neighbors pond every now and then. Roscoe always gets something to eat and drink right before he goes outside so that he can be out there for awhile. We always keep water outside just in case he wants to grab a quick drink while he playing around. He also likes to go on little hunting trips in the neighbors field. When he comes back, he usually brings a couple bones from an animal or some garbage that he has been chewing on while he was out wondering around. When Roscoe gets tired, he comes inside, gets something to eat and drink again, and then he goes and plops down on the couch. When he lays down on the couch he likes to stretch out and just lay there waiting for some one to come along and scratch his belly for a little bit before he goes to sleep. When Roscoe finally falls asleep he almost takes up the entire couch. That is until my dad comes in and tells him to get off the couch so that he can sit on it too.

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