My Earliest Memory

March 23, 2011
By BenWest SILVER, Mystic, Iowa
BenWest SILVER, Mystic, Iowa
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My earliest memory is when we first moved into our new house, the grass was as tall as I was when we started moving in our stuff. In order to mow the grass we had to use a tractor because the grass was so tall. I was only eight years old at the time.

We were remodeling the family room and I was in charge of taking the tiles up off of the floor. I got to one corner of the room and noticed that there was a really big spot on the floor beneath the tiles that was rotting away because the owners before us had left the water running. I went and got my dad and he came and looked at it. I was pointing to it with my foot and my foot was on the spot that was rotting away. I pressed down to hard and my foot fell through the floor. I was almost done removing all of the pink and blue tiles from the rest of the room, when I accidentally put my hand in a mouse trap that was hidden behind the bar that had pink carpet on the outside of it and had some black leather going around the top of the bar to try and make it look nice, when all of a sudden I accidentally stuck my hand in a mouse trap that the other people left behind. It didn’t hurt, but it sure did surprise me a little. The pink and blue tiles were soft, kind of sticky, smelled funny, and were also cold, and heavy. The mouse trap that was behind the bar, hidden, didn’t smell the best either, since it has been there for a very long time I’m guessing. But there was no cheese left on it. That pesky little mouse got away with the cheese and didn't get caught!

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