True Love

March 23, 2011
By emmyx3 BRONZE, Garwood, New Jersey
emmyx3 BRONZE, Garwood, New Jersey
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Peoples’ greatest fear in life is waking up one morning, and finding out that the people they love most have walked out on them for good. Significant others have the tendency to leave you at the most unexpected moments, just went you thought everything was going perfect. One morning you wake up and pay a visit to their house, and find them in bed with someone else. You cry as you burn all the memories to shreds. Parents and their children do not always see eye to eye. A simple argument, turns into twenty years of silence. Friends come and go as easily as intimate partners. One day you wake up and realize that you hardly even know your closest friends anymore. You have drifted apart and feel completely isolated. Love is not about expensive presents, passionate sex, or excuses. Love is about being there for someone always, and never turning your back on them, especially when they need you the most. A dog is the one being who expresses true love. You can cry into their fur, they will let you cuddle them when you are sad, they never yell, judge, ridicule, make you cry, or feel bad. A dog loves unconditionally without limitations. When your whole world seems to be crashing down, a dog will still be there for you. A dog does not care about outward appearances, or social status. They will never look away from you in disgust because your hair is messy, your face is covered with acne, or your clothes just are not right. Nothing is forever, except for a dog’s love, the purest form of love there is.

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