he was

March 8, 2011
I miss him but I'd never admit it if anyone asked nor would I tell if anyone asked who he was...But what you can know is that I do miss him more than I'd like...I’ll never regret what we had but I will forever regret that it had to come to a dreadful end...He was lovely and treated me right, he was everything a girl could ask for and much much more, for he was kind, caring and oh so cute, he could make me stop crying in about 10 seconds flat then have me laughing harder than ever before in another 2 seconds more....He was the one that made you get the butterflies from head to toe, he was my best friend, he was the one that I could tell anything too...he was the one that made you smile when you were down and when you had a smile on your face everyone could tell oh she's thinking about him. That’s who he is and who he was and now he's gone and things can never be the way they were. I can’t change what happened and I can't change what was....I only wish I could go back to that one day where everything went wrong...but I can’t so I guess it doesn’t matter a whole lot now...I just wish he'd come back and we could be the best of friends again...He still comes around every once in a while but nothing will ever be the same again....cause the walls are up and no one can get through I guess it’s best for everyone. It stops the hurt and the pain but it can’t ever stop the feelings that were once felt.

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