Peaceful moment

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

It's 5:00am,

It's so early in the morning and there's only that dim, bluish, morning light. I don't hear anything, but the sound of my feet, tip toeing across the floor. I walk all the way into the living room, past all of the christmas decorations, and keep walking towards the window. I look outside, the entire block is covered with snow, you see nothing of what it really looks like, the buildings don't look like buildings, but snow covered mountains. The roads look different too, as snow covers the road it also covers all the imperfections that the road has, making it look as if it is completely smooth. Here with snow covering everything, you don't even see cars. I pop my head out the window,and turn my head to look up into the sky. To my surprise the sky wasn't gray, but instead a light blue.

I step away from the window and stare at my living room, and the big christmas tree that is probably a hundred times my size. I remember feeling that cool air hit my cheeks, and the cool floor underneath my bare feet, because I forgot to put my slippers on. I walk over to the christmas tree, I plug in wire that connects to it, this way I can hear the soft, christmas music. I lay underneath it, and i see lights all over it while it slowly spins. Even the christmas tree has some snow around it. Of course, it's not real snow.

I don't really know why I remember this, I guess it's because life is full of exciting experiences. Which are sometimes good, and sometimes bad. There are also, those that you remember, that were neither, instead they were peaceful. I guess, this is what I remember as a peaceful moment, that takes a break of all that excitement. I feel free.

The author's comments:
I really felt this moment when i was about 6 years old. I had just lost my pet who i loved dearly.

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