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March 22, 2011
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Dear books,

I love your plots. I love your twists and turns, the way you keep me begging for more. I would read you all night and skip TV for the rest of my life just as long as I have a good book and a good light I will be good to go and read a good book. I love the way you always keep me guessing from sentence one all the way to the very last sentence. The way you tell the story is like I have a movie in my head, that I can watch however many times I want. I can take as long as I need. I especially like the way you can tell me something and I can learn from it. I love the way I can picture all the fight scenes, the verbal arguments. All the car chases that involve all the shooting at the good person car from the bad person car. Or even the training of a Greek warrior from becoming a mortal to the way that he becomes a Greek god. I like the way I can also picture all the perfect songs for the battles for every book and the perfect songs for every body’s mood. I could also picture the characters and how they exactly look when they face their doom but eventually find a way to prove everybody wrong who didn’t believe in them. The way the people look when the heroes succeed in their mission or win a magical duel against he-who-must-not-be-named (but everybody says his name anyways even though they tell them that saying names have meaning and power). So for all the places you’ve taken me I thank you for your magical carpet in which I see what’s going on and not get my hands dirty and actually going there ( even though I would like to go to certain places).

Love, Jacob

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